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Facts about sinus surgery


Tired of having sinusitis despite of trying almost all medication and other treatments?

Then sinus surgery might be necessary for you chronic recurring sinusitis. Sinus surgery has been performed using a surgical device called an endoscope since the 1950s. A minute fiber optic tube is inserted through the nostrils allowing the surgeon to better visualize the sinus cavity. The Surgeon will then use other surgical instrument to open up the pathways from the sinuses which allows better drainage without any external incisions made with this method of sinus surgery. An image- guided using CT scan maybe necessary to some cases of sinus surgery. This is primarily because the sinus cavities can be very close to the eyes and brain and several major blood vessels and organs. This allows the surgeon to visualize these vital structures and avoid them. Patients are given options on where to perform the surgery, in most cases it is performed on an out- patient basis.

Sinus surgery and / or rhinoplasty ,  maybe performed in a hospital or surgical center but in most cases the patient may go home the same day with the procedure. Prior to undergoing the procedure, the surgeon will explain the benefits and risks. Risks include bleeding, infection and allergic reactions to medication given during the surgery. Normally, the nurse gives you a call a day prior to the scheduled surgery to provide you instructions and the time of the procedure. The patient will be provided with exact and detailed instructions; this includes the time on when to stop eating and drinking usually done the night before the sinus surgery. This is done because of the risk of vomiting and aspiration, it is therefore necessary to empty the stomach and bowels. The patient should also refrain from chewing gum, sucking mints or smoking. It is also important to remove all metals from the body before sinus surgery, including jewelry and body piercings.

The patient also needs to remove contact lenses, dentures, retainers and hearing aids. It is advised to wear loose comfortable clothing on the day of the sinus surgery. Other important reminders are provided in this link sinus surgery Los Angeles

After the surgery, the nurse will observe the patient for few hours after the surgery to make sure that the patient is not having a lot of pain and that the patient is able to eat and drink. Moreover, the nurse monitors the patient’s blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen. When the patient is well enough to go home, the patient will be given instructions. The doctor’s orders has to be suprceded and any advice given in this article particularly in this link sinus surgery Los Angeles.

Generally patients are instructed to be in the care of another adult for 24 hours after the surgery, also on to avoid driving or in participating in any activities requiring them to be in full consciousness, also the patient needs to watch on usual amounts of bloody drainage from the nose. It is also important that the patient has to keep the upper body elevated to help with pain and swelling.

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